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Hold This Space is a self-guided website which helps you reflect on your emotional response to climate change, imagine a better future, and understand the actions you can take to address the climate crisis.

When we think about the climate crisis, many people experience strong emotions, including worry, fear, anger, grief, despair, guilt, and shame. Studies have found that young people in particular are more likely to experience what researchers and psychologists now call ‘eco-anxiety’.

Though they can have a profound effect on our personal wellbeing, and inhibit us from taking climate action, these feelings are not necessarily signs of any underlying mental health issue or disorder. They are perfectly rational and practical given the size and scale of the crisis. Ultimately they show that we care about the world around us.

The way that we process and cope with our emotions is the difference between whether they leave us feeling powerless and paralysed, or lead to determined action. 

This interactive platform will take you on a journey to navigate your feelings about climate change. The ‘Feel’ pathway introduces you to some different emotions associated with climate change and prompts you to reflect on how you feel. The ‘Imagine’ pathway aims to build a picture of a more hopeful future based on developments in climate science. The ‘Connect’ pathway helps you think about how your feelings and ambitions for the future fits within a bigger picture of collective climate action.

Overall we want this experience to counteract some of the negative narratives which permeate and influence public understanding of climate change. This includes the common perceptions that other people don’t care or that it is too late to make a difference. It also includes the assumption that you have to be an ‘activist’ to do something about climate change – whereas in fact climate action can take many different shapes and forms. By taking part in this journey you’ll contribute to building a new shared narrative around what is possible.

The project is led by Common Vision, in partnership with Force of Nature and Climate Cares. It is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) the UK’s largest funder of independent environmental science, training and innovation. The activities on this website have been co-designed with young people, climate scientists, and psychologists.

To get in touch about this project contact info[at]holdthis.space


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